This site was created out of a desire to help people use the guidance system we have to help us navigate life on Earth. It is not logical that we would be put on this Earth without guidance as to how we can realise what we came here to do.

However, no one tells you when you are young, we end up accepting many things that may not be the right thing for us. This is where it all changes here you will learn how to access and use the tools we all have at our disposal to live the life we intended to when we came here and to be the person we intended to be.

It is not about spending hours meditating in a cave or repeating mantras for hours on end, of course you can if you so wish but living for most of us involves day-to.day stuff, family, friends, kids, work, home, entertainment, health issues etc. Our external worlds often tend to take priority as it seems to shout for our attention.

So how do we find our way in this maze of ‘busyness’. The guide to your life is subtle, it whispers in your ear, it travels on a vibrational wave different from the external noise around us and it is one with life and one with you.

We are Life but we have disconnected from our aliveness, we go through the motions of living but without truly feeling alive.

We need to to be life fully alive, Ali will help you find your way through the labyrinth and out into the fresh air.

Find your wings and take off on your adventure.