What is the ‘Feel Good Factor’

There are so many things in our world that make us feel sad, we empathise with people who suffer and sometimes we can feel that we shouldn't display our own happiness. There are times of course when we are unhappy, life happens, and we must deal with it. However, to be healthy and happy most … Continue reading What is the ‘Feel Good Factor’


Some Monday Motivation

Love this video, had to save it to my site to watch every time I need a bit of motivation. Love the bit where he asks, 'What dream chose you?' Presently working on mine hope you are too!  

Why Be Aware?

Being aware is essential if we are to recognise the signs when they come, it can also be enjoyable as we notice more things around us, things that crop up as if by chance but does anything really happen by chance? Being aware allows us to catch the messages the universe sends us which otherwise … Continue reading Why Be Aware?